Would you leave your window open when it’s HOT outside or freezing COLD? When your fireplace damper is left open or is leaking, it just like you left a window open. Please read on to learn how to save money on your heating and cooling costs.


Do You see this cap? It is worth 8000.00. That’s right 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS

How you ask? Please read on…. Well if you keep the cap you have on your chimney, the air conditioning and heat will keep right on getting out of your home passing the plate damper that leaks everyday and escaping out into the atmosphere.You see the damper that is in your fireplace has been heated and cooled hundreds of times. The average temperature in your fireplace is 550 degrees. So your damper gets the brunt of the heat going up the chimney. This causes warping and the damper does not seal.

OK so how is this cap worth that much? Take 350.00 a year on average and multiply that by 20 years. Now this cap will last that long because it is constructed of 304 stainless steel. IT IS the only cap youwill ever need.

Now, throw in rain if you do not currently have a cap– it IS getting into your home thru the top of the chimney being open– by the way so are the leaves, squirrels, birds and sometimes a large raccoon who will have the unfortunate fate of falling in the chimney and dying. This of course will happen when your at work or worse– on vacation. So take a minute and consider this information in your hand. I have seen about everything you can imagine come out of a fireplace flue. Dead animals are the sad story that you can prevent. Its easy to prevent it from happening to you call me today for an appointment to have your Energy Saving-Life Saving and finally, MONEY saving cap installed on your home.