Do You Have Fireplace Smoke or Chimney Smoke in the House?

Has your love of the ambiance of a beautiful fire become frequently spoiled by fireplace smoke and chimney smoke in the house? Or if it is not actual smoke, perhaps you are left with a smoke smell from the fireplace?

ENERVEX has solutions for fireplace smoke and chimney smoke in the house. Eliminate the problem and enjoy your fireplace again!


What Causes Fireplace Smoke and Chimney Smoke?

Fireplace smoke and chimney smoke – common problems with wood and gas fireplaces – are the result of poor chimney ventilation.

A perfect fireplace fire needs a perfect draft, but many factors can restrict a home’s airflow, including the architectual design, airtight insulation, layout of the home, or nearby trees and buildings.


How to Eliminate Fireplace Smoke and Chimney Smoke

The ENERVEX Chimney and Fireplace Fan offers the ultimate solution to fireplace smoke.

When a chimney fan is discreetly mounted on top of a chimney, it provides optimal airflow, eliminating fireplace smoke forever.

When the fireplace is not in use, the fan can be used as a ventilator and can control dust when removing ashes from the fireplace!

ENERVEX has helped numerous homeowners eliminate fireplace smoke.