When You Need Flashing Repair In DFW, Black Velvet Chimney Can Help

No one wants to find out that water is coming down through their chimney and damaging the chimney system and the surrounding walls and ceilings. But when you find yourself in this scenario, you want an effective resolution, fast. You want to know how the water is getting in and put a stop to it — and we’re here to help.

In our 20+ years of experience, we’ve found that most chimney leaks originate from one of only a few places. One of the most common places is the flashing, the metal sheets installed over the chimney base and roof where they meet. Flashing is installed to keep water from entering the home in this vulnerable area, but it’s not always impenetrable.

Why Chimney Flashing Fails

  • Sometimes flashing is installed wrong. Both step flashing and counter flashing need to be used for effective leak prevention, and each layer should be smooth and installed with minimal nail holes. The more nail holes there are, the more places water has to gather. Additionally, any dents or raises can allow water to pool or enter this vulnerable area.
  • Sometimes animals, loose branches, and strong winds dent, lift, or damage flashing.
  • Sometimes water simply rusts through the flashing, especially if the flashing is made of aluminum or another weaker metal.

Whatever the reason, when your flashing fails, Black Velvet Chimney is here to fix it. We’ve been resolving the chimney flashing leaks of our neighbors throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area for more than 20 years, and we’re confident we can help put a stop to your leak.

Put A Stop To Flashing Leaks With Black Velvet Chimney

Ready to schedule an appointment to have your flashing repaired and your chimney leak resolved? Give us a call at 817-473-4466 or request more information online today. We’ll repair your flashing and even provide a water protective membrane for added protection against future leaks. Call today!


For long-lasting protection against water leaks in your chimney, consider having us apply a masonry water repellent. Ask us for more information.