Is It Time For A Good Gutter Cleaning? Put The Ladder Away & Call Black Velvet Chimney

Clogged gutters bogging you down? Let Black Velvet Chimney help — we’re the DFW area’s trusted gutter cleaners. With Black Velvet Chimney, you can spend your weekends doing what you want — whether that’s playing with the kids or laying on the hammock with a cold one — while we climb the ladders and work on getting those gutters clean.

Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

When your gutters are clogged, water can’t exit the system the way it was intended to. Instead, your gutters will become bogged down with water, damp leaves, sticks, and other debris, which can weigh on the gutters and cause them to separate from your home. Clogged gutters can also end up overflowing and dumping water down into the foundation of your home, which can lead to water problems and water damage. Additionally, mosquitoes can breed in the water that’s left behind, which can lead to more mosquito bites and a far-from-enjoyable outdoor experience.

Relax & Let Black Velvet Chimney Take Care Of It

Don’t let clogged gutters get you down — request a gutter cleaning service with the reliable and timely professionals at Black Velvet Chimney. We’re here to help you keep your gutters clean and clear, season after season and storm after storm. Call 817-473-4466 or request more information online today!

Clogged gutters constantly a problem? Ask about Gutter Stuff and how it can put an end to clogged gutters for good!


We believe that knowing more about us here at Black Velvet Chimney will give you the confidence you need to call us for some of the best chimney, fireplace, dryer vent and gutter services in our neck of the woods!