Winter is winding down and with it the use of your fireplace. Although winter can be nice, once spring hits, it’s nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine. With spring, comes cleaning and to do lists. One job that you’ll want to take care of is getting your annual fireplace and chimney inspection scheduled. It’s nice to put your fireplace to rest over the summer by clearing it of creosote.

This will serve a couple of purposes: first, you’ll know that when you start using your fireplace again in the fall, you won’t have to worry about starting a chimney fire, and second, you’ll know that all the parts are in good working condition. When you call Black Velvet Chimney, we’ll look for any repair work that needs to be completed so that everything is in tip-top shape when you’re ready to use your fireplace again.

Another reason you’ll want to get that creosote out is that it can have a funky odor. This is especially true in the summertime when the air tends to be more humid. The humidity mixes with the creosote to made the odor especially concentrated, and it can drift down the chimney and permeate the carpet, drapes, and even couch cushions.

Another Thing We’ll Look Forclassic masonry fireplace with flames

It may be that, when we come in to look at your chimney, we discover that things aren’t working as efficiently as they could. If this is the case, we might recommend that you consider redoing your chimney system, and if that’s the case, then the Ahren-Fire Fireplace System is what we’ll recommend. This system is a total fireplace and chimney system, and we can install it very easily so that you won’t need to worry about some of the problems you may have been encountering when you use your fireplace.

For example, have you been noticing that your fires are smokier than they should be? That could be a good indication that there is a problem with the draft. How about when you touch the wallboard close to the fireplace? Does it feel warmer than it should? These are problems that installing an Ahren-Fire Fireplace System can alleviate. This system is designed to restore or repair your old fireplace syste.

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If you think that it’s time to look at restoring or repairing your fireplace, give Black Velvet Chimney a call today. By getting this work done early, you’ll be able to spend your summer doing all the fun outdoor activities you want, knowing that when cooler days hit, you’ll be ready to enjoy your fireplace worry-free!