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If your hearth isn’t everything you want it to be, it’s time to consider making some changes — and Black Velvet Chimney wants to help. We sell and install high-quality products from top brands and manufacturers. We stand behind the products we offer throughout DFW because they’re the best — which is just what our customers deserve. Whether you’re upgrading your fireplace or looking to eliminate draft problems and chimney leaks, we can help.

Our Quality Products

New hip and ridge chimney crown to keep out rain, leaves and animals
Installed stainless steel chimney cap, nice brown and house in the background
Black chimney with custom cap on brick chimney and greenery in the background
Custom copper chimney cap with custom chimney
  • Draft Fans — Billowing smoke problems and draft problems can quickly put a damper on your evening, but a draft fan can help. ENERVEX draft fans are designed to resolve smoke and draft issues, regardless of the contributing factors.
  • Fireplace Tools & Accessories — When it’s time to stoke the fire or clean up, you need the tools to do so safely. Why not do it stylishly as well with a beautiful fireplace tool set? Whatever your home decor, we’ve got all the fireplace tools and accessories you need.
  • Glass DoorsGlass doors are both functional and beautiful, and we happen to carry the best of the best from Thermo-Rite. Keep unwanted cold air out and conditioned air in, and protect kids and pets from stray sparks and hot ash, all while adding style to your fireplace.

If you’re looking for something special for your chimney or fireplace or you have questions about any of the products we sell and install, give us a call at 817-473-4466. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are only a phone call or a click away!


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