Transform Your Fireplace With A New Set Of Gas Logs

Do you have an old set of gas fireplace logs that you’d like to replace? Do you have a wood fireplace that you’d like to convert to gas? Black Velvet Chimney has the perfect solution for you! Today’s gas logs from Hargrove are unbelievably realistic and they can be a great option for updating or converting your fireplace! These high-quality, hand-crafted logs are made using the castings of real wood logs, so you can expect natural bark patterns and wood grains that make it hard to tell these logs aren’t actually wood.

A quick internet search of “fireplace logs near me” will leave you with dozens of results to sort through but when it comes to reliable gas log installation services in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, you don’t have to look any further than Black Velvet Chimney.

For over 30 years, we’ve proudly provided our expert-level services to residents throughout the area. You can trust our team to help you select the right product, install it correctly, and help you with maintenance. To book an appointment, fill out this service request form.

Hargrove gas log set made from real wood castings-fireplace is burning
Hargrove gas log set with beautiful flames and cast wood that looks real

What Are There Different Types of Gas Logs?

There are two types of gas logs – vented and ventless. Vented logs need a properly working chimney to vent combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide out of the home. They’re known for their high heat output and realistic-looking flames. Vented gas logs can come into direct contact with the flames which creates a more natural flickering pattern similar to a wood-fueled fire.

A big downside of vented gas logs is that they don’t produce as much heat as their ventless counterparts. For it to be safe to use your gas logs, you have to keep the damper open whenever you have a fire going. As a consequence, a lot of the heat escapes through the chimney.

Ventless gas logs don’t need a working chimney or a comparable ventilation system. They burn cleaner and produce minimal exhaust, but the byproducts that are produced are released back into the room. If you choose to go with a ventless option, be sure that your carbon monoxide detector is working properly and that the batteries are being changed every six months.

Due to the way they are designed, flames sit just above ventless gas logs. This can give off a more artificial appearance which may be a drawback for some homeowners.

Can Gas Logs Be Installed in Any Fireplace?

In general, gas logs are a great option for many homeowners with existing fireplaces that need a boost in efficiency. Before you move forward, consider the following questions:

  • Is your chimney system functional? Whether or not you have a working chimney will play a role in deciding what type of gas logs you should get. You need a chimney for vented logs, but ventless logs can be installed in almost any wood-burning fireplace. If the previous owner of your home opted to seal off the chimney because they didn’t use the fireplace, you can have a working fireplace by installing vented logs without the added expense of reopening the chimney.
  • Do you have access to a gas line? You can’t have gas logs without gas. If you already have access to a gas line, the hard part is done. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to reach out to a qualified professional to run a gas line.
  • Does your fireplace have enough clearance? There must be enough space between the framing, mantle, and flammable materials to ensure safe operation. If you’re not sure that there is sufficient room, ask one of our certified chimney technicians.

Do Gas Logs Come With Warranties?

We are proud to carry and install Hargrove gas logs. With Hargrove logs, you’ll also enjoy a lifetime warranty against cracking and other damage, so you can be confident you’ll enjoy your gas logs, year after year, fire after fire.

To learn more about the gas log sets we sell and install here at Black Velvet Chimney, you can request more information here. We’re here to help you every step of the way – from purchase to installation and maintenance!

How Do I Maintain My Gas Logs?

Gas logs and gas fireplaces aren’t as high maintenance as wood- burning appliances, but they still need some TLC now and then. Clean your gas logs after use to prevent soot buildup, but check your manufacturer’s instructions first for cleaning recommendations. Some manufacturers advise against using water or cleaning solutions on logs.

We strongly recommend annual inspections and professional cleanings for all home heating appliances – regardless of fuel type.

We’re the Finest Gas Log Installers in Arlington & Dallas-Fort Worth

Here at Black Velvet Chimney, we are experts at installing gas logs. You can count on us to properly set you up with your new set of logs. Note that this type of installation is best left to a certified and experienced professional who knows what they are doing. Ready to schedule an appointment? Request one online now.


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