Stop Smoke Problems In Their Tracks With A Draft Fan

Do you love spending nights by the fire, de-stressing and sharing memories with loved ones? Billowing smoke is a sure-fire way to ruin the mood and moment! If smoke problems are making your fireside experience unpleasant, consider investing in a draft fan.

We Install Enervex Draft Fans

Here at Black Velvet Chimney, we install ENERVEX draft fans, which help the chimney achieve optimal airflow. You see, smoke problems are typically the result of poor draft — the home may be too airtight and other appliances may be competing for air; the chimney may not be of proper height; many factors can contribute to a draft problem. But when you have an ENERVEX draft fan installed at the top of your chimney, draft problems and smoke problems are eliminated.

Enervex Draft fans to keep smoke out of your home-black top and base
Another style of draft fan Enervex looks like a black box

Start enjoying better airflow and an all around better fireside experience: have an ENERVEX draft fan installed atop your chimney today. Call 817-473-4466 or request more information to learn more or to request your appointment.


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