Have you been noticing signs of a chimney leak in your home? If so, then getting a qualified technician on the job as soon as possible is a must! The longer you wait, the worse things will get, and before you know it you’ll be shelling out thousands for costly repairs that could have been easily avoided. Learn more about the damages that accompany a leaky chimney by reading below, then count on our qualified crew to set you up right.

stack of bricksInterior Home Damage

One big reason to address chimney leaks right away is to avoid damages within your home. If water starts seeping in, you’ll notice unsightly stains on your walls and ceilings, and this excess moisture can destroy your woodwork, too, causing all kinds of rotting and mildew accumulation. It can even ruin your drywall! All in all, this is one issue that is better addressed sooner rather than later.

Masonry Deterioration

Another big problem associated with leaks throughout your chimney is the damage that water can do to your masonry. Your brickwork is very absorbent, and it doesn’t take long for moisture to soak into it and start causing damage. Before long, you’ll be facing a lot of deterioration, and if cracks, holes, and gaps form throughout the structure, your chances of experiencing a house fire or gas leak will increase significantly.

Clogs & Obstructions

More moisture in your flue will make you more prone to clogs, too. If your system becomes obstructed by harmful debris, the smoke and fumes produced by your fires won’t have anywhere to escape, meaning you’ll be left with a smoke-filled living space before you know it. Good draft and proper airflow is essential for operating your system as safely and as efficiently as possible, so avoiding any type of build-up is a must!

Rusted Metal Components

Are your metal components showing signs of rust and decay? If these pieces were damaged in any way or if they were installed incorrectly, then it’s likely that water was given the opportunity to pool and break things down. If your flashing, chase cover, chimney cap, or damper is damaged in any way, then leaks will surely be in your future. Our crew can set you up right with any replacement parts, so you get the protection you deserve, no matter what.

Liner Issues

Your chimney liner plays an essential role in keeping your system in good health. It protects your brickwork and mortar, it keeps the heat from your fireplace from transferring to any adjacent woodwork, and it helps your system function more efficiently as a whole. Yet, when water enters your chimney, it breaks down the liner, causing decay, rust, and all kinds of other problems. Before you know it, your home could be at serious risk.

What Causes Chimney Leaks In The First Place?

So, why are chimney leaks occurring in the first place? One of the biggest reasons is because the masonry isn’t adequately protected. Your brickwork should be waterproofed by a qualified chimney sweep to guarantee the best results possible. Many attempt this job themselves with store-bought paints and sealers, but these don’t provide the same high-quality coverage that a professional can offer.

What’s the difference between these products and the ones used by the experienced team here at Black Velvet Chimney? Well, for one thing, store-bought options often leave behind a glossy, unpleasant look to your structure, which is less than ideal. Our products will offer top-notch protection without affecting the aesthetics of your chimney at all!

Yet, more importantly, do-it-yourself attempts typically result in moisture getting trapped inside of the brick. You see, while these products can often do an effective-enough job keeping water out, they also trap any pre-absorbed water in, meaning your system will continue to break down and deteriorate. The agents we use are vapor-permeable, so this won’t be an issue whatsoever!

Another reason you may be facing leaks is because of damage throughout the structure. If any part of your chimney or fireplace is left broken down and vulnerable, water will easily work its way in before you know it. Call our experts right away, so that we can find a time to come look things over. We can perform an inspection to ensure you are crack-free, clear of holes and obstructions, and ready to put your system to use. Our extensive service list is sure to cover anything you need!

Put Your Trust In Us Today!

Why are we the go-to team for so many families throughout the Arlington area? Well, for one thing, we take education very seriously. We are Certified Chimney Professionals, and we also hold credentials with the CSIA, the FIRE, and HeatShield. We’re also members of the NCSG, and our owner recently earned the title of CSIA Master Chimney Sweep, which means he has the skills, knowledge, and experience to truly help with it all!

One thing is for certain: we take the health and safety of your fireplace seriously, and we never skimp on care or cut corners, as this puts the wellbeing of our customer base at risk. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – put your trust in our crew for it all! Ready to get this process going? Great! Give us a call. We’re ready to help you out soon.