If you like to entertain, but are looking for more ways to do it outdoors, then an outdoor kitchen just might be the perfect addition to your property! Outdoor kitchens make it easier than ever to cook for larger groups, and if you are known to be the host with the most, then you’ll definitely appreciate all the advantages of having one in your yard space.

Outdoor kitchens are also great for keeping your home fresh and mess-free. All the dishes and piles of garbage stay outside for quick and easy clean-up, and you’ll likely notice lower energy bills, too, since your air conditioning won’t have to fight against the heat of your oven and other appliances.

All in all, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment for any homeowner, and it increases your property value, too. There’s no reason not to get yours right away!

That being said, without proper care and maintenance, your system could spark lots of hazards that put your home and family at risk. Black Velvet Chimney urges you not to take any chances… Instead, trust in us from the very beginning and avoid the following common mistakes.

Improper Construction

First things first, it is essential that your outdoor kitchen is constructed properly. We get the temptation of hiring the cheapest builders for the job, but often these folks are only able to offer such great deals because they use cheaper materials and do their best to cut corners along the way (hoping you don’t notice).

In order for things to function as safely and as efficiently as possible, your system must be built following the proper codes and guidelines for your area. Take your firebox, for example. It should be built with stainless steel, but those who are not qualified to know this might use galvanized steel, which will wear out and start to rust much faster (think after around 5 years of use). A certified and experienced professional will know exactly how to approach the situation, so that you can rest easier knowing your end results will turn out fantastic.

So, which team do we advise you to trust? Well, as far as outdoor fireplaces and pizza ovens are concerned, the Black Velvet Chimney crew knows it all! We set our standards high when it comes to customer satisfaction, and we can set you up right with exactly what you are looking for. And we’ll have all of your venting needs covered, too.

As for the rest of your set-up, we can recommend top-notch contractors to get the job done right. Needless to say, we’ll have your back every step of the way, so that you can sit back and stress less while your outdoor kitchen is being constructed.

Lack Of Seasonal Maintenance

Now, another thing that can cause big problems is a lack of maintenance. These units are obviously built tough, since they need to withstand strong winds and harsh weather, but that doesn’t mean they require less professional upkeep than an indoor model. Just like the rest of your appliances, your outdoor kitchen should be inspected annually to ensure things are still operating appropriately.

And if a cleaning is necessary, get it on the books! Blockages and obstructions can lead to big and dangerous issues, so avoid the hassle by getting our crew on the job as soon as possible.

Smoke, Carbon Monoxide & Fire Hazards

Finally, just like you would with your indoor fireplace, please remember to follow fire safety guidelines to minimize the risk of danger within your household. This includes never leaving a fire unattended, keeping pets and small children away from the area, and making sure all fires are out (and everything is turned off) before going inside for the night.

We also advise homeowners to regularly check on the food they are cooking and set timers to ensure nothing gets burnt or causes the area to smoke, thus becoming dangerous to be in.

Always run through that final checklist before calling it quits – a few extra steps are well worth ensuring your family’s safety! And be sure to keep the equipment clean and do your part to do regular deep cleans to ensure safe and proper functioning every time. Once these tasks are off your to-do list, you’ll be happy they’re done, and cooking will be easier than ever!

Why Trust Us?

So, why do we encourage you to rely on us for all of your outdoor kitchen needs? Well, we’ve been involved in numerous seminars and training events over the last two and a half decades, and there is no doubt that we put a lot of time and dedication towards being the best that we can be for our customers in and throughout Arlington and its surrounding cities.

Combine that with our long list of 5-star reviews and positive testimonials, and you’ve got a team you can trust with it all. And we don’t just help with outdoor kitchens! We offer a wide range of chimney and fireplace services, such as sweeping, brick repair, leak assessments, and more. We also sell high-quality products for your home, and we perform dryer vent cleanings, too. There isn’t much we can’t provide in terms of maintenance!

So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to helping you out soon!