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Having a fireplace or stove in your home is a real blessing, but only if it’s safe to use and enjoy. Here at Black Velvet Chimney, we want to make sure that your fireside experience is as easy, stress-free, and mess-free as possible, which is why we are pleased to offer our customers top-of-the-line fireplace tools and accessories.

Whatever you need – be it a five-piece tool set to make stoking and poking the fire as safe and easy as possible or a stylish ash bucket and shovel to make cleaning up after the fire simple, safe, and mess-free – we’ve got it. Get in touch with us online.

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Fireplace accessories including shovel broom poker and holder
Another style of fireplace accessories whisk broom, poker, shovel, stand

What Equipment Do I Need for a Fireplace?

Safety has to be at the forefront when you’re trying to manage a roaring fire. Live flames can inflict serious injuries if you don’t have the correct tools. Here is an overview of what you need: 

    • Fireplace tongs. As the fire burns, you’ll have to move around burning logs or place new logs on the fire. You can’t do this with your bare hands or risk getting too close in case of escaped embers. Fireplace tongs have long handles and gripping ends that allow you to securely grab logs from a safe distance.
    • Fireplace poker. A fireplace poker is a long metal rod used for tending a fire. It may have a pointed or hooked end to maneuver and break up logs to maintain proper airflow within the fireplace.
    • Fireplace shovel. Danger is still present after the fire goes out. The fireplace shovel allows you to safely transfer hot ashes and embers from the fireplace to a metal ash bucket.
    • Fireplace brush. Annual cleanings are pivotal when you’re a homeowner with a fireplace, but it’s also important to clean the firebox after each use. Leftover ash should be swept up before you use your fireplace again.
    • Fireplace bellows. Does your fire need more oxygen? Fireplace bellows resemble a hand-held accordion, but it’s a traditional fireplace tool that provides a focused stream of air to revive dying embers.
    • Ash bucket. Embers and ashes are hot and it isn’t safe to put them into a regular garbage can. An ash bucket is typically made of galvanized steel or another durable metal that can withstand high temperatures. They also come with a tight-fitting lid to keep ashes and embers safely stored away from flammable surfaces.
    • Fireplace screen. A fireplace screen is a protective barrier made of metal mesh. It keeps embers and sparks in the fireplace, and keeps children and pets out.
    • Log holder. When it’s cold out, you don’t always want to go outdoors to grab firewood from your stack to get a fire going. A log holder is a place to stash a few logs but is designed to maintain the mess that is often associated with firewood.

I Have a Gas Fireplace, Do I Still Need Fireplace Accessories?

You don’t need fireplace tools if you don’t have to deal with wood logs and hot ashes, right? Not so fast. Some fireplace tools are useful for gas fireplaces as well as wood burning units. You should keep a fireplace brush on hand to clean off gas logs, and a fireplace poker can help adjust the gas logs or turn off the fireplace.

Gas fireplaces are still intended to perform as heating appliances and some surfaces get too hot to handle. A fireplace screen can help prevent accidental contact with flames or hot glass.

How Do I Care for My Fireplace Accessories?

Fireplace accessories should be cleaned regularly to remove soot and ash buildup. This not only keeps them looking their best but also prevents them from becoming dull and less effective. You can usually clean them with a simple solution of warm water and mild dish soap.

It’s also important to regularly inspect your fireplace accessories for damage. Look for cracks, bends, or loose handles. Damaged tools can pose a safety risk when tending the fire. For example, a loose shovel handle could break and cause embers to scatter. If you find any damage, it’s best to replace the tool immediately.

Black Velvet Chimney Is Your One-Stop Shop for Fireplaces Accessories

If you have any questions about the fireplace tools and accessories we carry, reach out to us online. We’re here to be a helpful resource and to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.


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