Is it worth it to add a chimney cap to your chimney, or to have your chimney cap replaced if it’s not in good condition? After all, isn’t that just extra money that you really don’t want to spend? The answer to that first set of questions is a resounding yes. A chimney cap is something that you don’t want to do without, especially in the wintertime.

Precipitation Down Your Chimney

Think of it this way: if you had a hole in your roof, and it was snowing or raining or sleeting, what would happen? You’d have snow or rain or sleet in your house, right? Your chimney is just that – a hole in your roof. Yes, the path of anything that enters the chimney is directed right down the relatively narrow shaft of your chimney, but that precipitation has to go somewhere, and you will see it in your fireplace.

That’s not even the biggest problem of having precipitation running down your chimney. When rain runs down the brick and mortar of your chimney, it can settle in the pores of those materials and eat away at them, causing them to weaken. That makes for a dangerous situation. If your chimney is structurally unsound, the gases that are supposed to be directed out of the house may actually be sneaking back into your home. This is a dangerous health hazard for you and your loved ones.


Another thing that a chimney cap protects you from is smoke in your living area. When the wind blows in certain directions, it can cause a downdraft – puffs of air that blow down your chimney. When this happens, the smoke from your fire that should be directed out of your chimney might just blow back down into your living area instead. If you’ve ever had smoke in your home, or even sat on the wrong side of a bonfire, you know how unpleasant it is. Imagine that sensation in an enclosed area which is much harder to clear out and you’ll understand why a chimney cap, which will block that downdraft wind, is so important.


A chimney cap is also a great barrier to animals that might be looking for a way out of the colder breezes of winter. Just like humans, animals want to be where it’s cozy and warm and dry. Your chimney makes a perfect place for them to hole up for the cooler winter months. And that’s clearly a dangerous situation for them and for you. Any obstruction can cause smoke to seep back into your home. Additionally, those animals aren’t going to benefit from being smoked out, either!

We Can Help

Give Black Velvet Chimney a call today to take a look at the top of your chimney and determine if you need a new chimney cap or if needs repairs. We won’t let you get wet or worse because of the condition of your chimney cap.