Arlington TX Residents Trust Brick Chimney Repair To Black Velvet Chimney’s Expert Team

We all want our home to be the best looking house on the street, but when the masonry of the chimney cracks, bricks flake, vegetation grows, and water damage leads to discoloration and efflorescence, your brick chimney can end up making your house stand out for all the wrong reasons. But we’re here to help.

For 30+ years, we’ve been restoring and repairing brick chimneys and using the aesthetic effects of brick masonry to bring properties across DFW Metro area to life. As a trusted brick masonry contractor, we’ve built a reputation for skill, precision, and technique, so when you work with us, you can be confident the results will truly enhance your property.

We Offer Quality Masonry Repairs

Whether your brick chimney needs repair or you’re interested in having a new brick chimney built, you can count on our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified team of experienced and knowledgeable chimney professionals to take care of it for you. Our brick chimney expertise includes all of these:

  • Tuckpointing — The mortar that binds the brick of your masonry chimney together is vital to the strength, structural integrity, and of course, aesthetic of your chimney. But like all things, mortar can deteriorate and mortar joints can recede and develop cracks and holes. Weakened and damaged mortar puts more pressure and strain on the brick, which can lead to even more damage, but we can help. Our team specializes in tuckpointing or repointing, which is the process of removing that damaged mortar and packing fresh mortar in its place. We’ll perfectly match the new mortar in texture, color, and strength, and make sure the results are beautiful. Forget about messy, bulging mortar or damaged, mortar-covered brick — we guarantee clean, beautiful results.
  • Brick Replacement — The freeze/thaw cycle that occurs when moisture gets inside of brick can cause brick to flake and crack, and cause the facing of the brick to pop off. But damaged brick isn’t just unattractive, it can also compromise the longevity and structural integrity of the chimney. If you’ve spotted deteriorating brick or discolored brick (due to water damage), let our team of experts carefully remove and replace the affected brick with brick that is perfectly matched in color and composition. We approach every masonry project with great care and will make sure your chimney remains protected and strong during our brick replacement work. The results: a beautiful, stronger chimney.
Multi-color brick chimney spalling-we do masonry including tuckpointing, brick replacement  and rebuilds
  • Chimney Rebuilds — Are you thinking of adding a chimney? Has your existing chimney seen better days? Black Velvet Chimney’s team can also help with chimney rebuilds. Whatever look, style, or brick pattern you’re after, you can count on our experts to nail it. And with Black Velvet on the job, you don’t have to worry about being left with an unsafe or inefficient chimney — we know chimneys inside and out and guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.

Ready for top-notch brick chimney repairs? Call Black Velvet Chimney at 817-473-4466 or request more information and see why we’re Dallas/Fort Worth’s #1 choice for brick masonry work.


Our crews have years of experience with wood chase repairs and rebuilds. Call on us for this skilled chimney repair service.