Most of us have a problem with procrastination, sometimes it’s a whole lot easier to just put messy jobs out of our minds. However, when it’s repair jobs, the longer we put them off, the worse and more severe the damage becomes. Even if you know the best people for the repair work, a repair job that’s been neglected for way too long will require lots of time and money.

Annual Inspection and Cleaning

The best way to prevent minor repairs from turning into major repairs is to get your chimney inspected and cleaned yearly. You may have done all the right things when you burned fires all winter long such as using only well-cured wood and cleaning out the ashes every couple of burns. Even with all the care and maintenance, you will still have a creosote build-up. Even an eighth of an inch creosote build-up can cause a chimney fire.

Structural Damage

Another thing we’ll be looking for when inspecting your chimney is structural damage. When your chimney does not have an annual inspection, little things can add up quickly to cause major structural damage. Precipitation can also have a devastating effect on the mortar of your chimney. If your mortar is crumbly or weak, we suggest tuckpointing, which is a process where the weakened mortar is removed and new mortar is packed in.

Chimney Fires

Did you know that most chimney fires occur without the homeowners knowledge? A chimney fire is not an out of control, blazing inferno. In truth, most chimney fires don’t have enough air to keep them burning freely. But even if you don’t know it has happened, the damage could be severe. It is time to call Black Velvet Chimney and let our team of professionals inspect your chimney. We are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and Certified Chimney Professionals (CCP) certified, and we can fix all fireplace damage.

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