We Provide Dryer Vent Box Installations Throughout Dallas & Arlington, TX

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve always hated the fact that clothes dryers can’t be placed flush with the wall. We get it! Having the gap for the duct hose is unattractive and a waste of space – but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

We can install a dryer box, which is a recessed box that holds the duct hose in the wall so that it isn’t restricted or smashed behind the dryer. Keeping the duct hose out of sight, the dryer box allows for unrestricted airflow, reduces dryer-related fire hazards, and keeps your laundry area more attractive and more spacious.

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What Is a Dryer Vent Box?

Think of a dryer vent box as a hidden compartment inside your wall behind the dryer. Its main purpose is to make it easier and safer to connect your dryer’s vent hose to the outside of your home. Some boxes also come equipped with additional features like insulation to stop heat from escaping into the wall or coverings that prevent air from blowing back inside.

Dryer vent boxes are designed to be built into the wall, so your dryer can sit closer to the wall without causing problems with the vent hose. Inside the box, there are usually grooves or sections to help the air flow properly and catch lint, which keeps your dryer working properly and cuts back on the risk of blockages.

Dryer box installed properly nice and clean looking
Dryer vent box diagram with framing in the background

What Are the Benefits of Using a Dryer Vent Box?

A dryer vent box is a great home feature for several reasons. A few standout benefits include:

  • You get more space to work with. A laundry room can be a tight space that limits movement and function. A dryer box allows you to move the dryer much closer to the wall which frees up valuable space to sort and fold your laundry.
  • It can boost your dryer’s efficiency. Bends in your dryer vent can hamper airflow. With a dryer box, you essentially get rid of those bends and you may see a reduction in drying times.
  • It can reduce the risk of dryer fires. A dryer vent box shields the exhaust duct from being compressed by the dryer which can restrict airflow and create a fire hazard. Another positive for fire prevention with dryer vent boxes is that they are usually made of metal which can withstand high temperatures.
  • You can prevent damage to your home. The heat and condensation of a vent hose can lead to damage to the walls and flooring near your dryer. With the dryer box recessed into the wall, it’s better protected from moisture and extreme heat.
  • It’s easier to maintain. Dryer vent boxes that come with lint traps or collection compartments are much easier to clean.

Do Dryer Vent Boxes Require Professional Installation?

It can be tempting to head to your local home improvement store, purchase a dryer vent box, queue up a YouTube tutorial, and take a shot at a DIY installation project. Before you break out your toolbox, take a pause to consider all the things that can go wrong. Dryers are one of the leading causes of house fires year after year. It is a complicated appliance and tinkering around with it can put you and your family at risk.

Instead of taking an unneccesary risk by installing a dryer vent box yourself, get Black Velvet Chimney on the job. Our technicians are experienced dryer vent box installers with decades of knowledge and hands-on training. Save yourself the headache and leave the dirty work to the professionals.

How Do I Know if I Need To Replace My Dryer Vent Box?

If you’re a homeowner who gets a lot of use out of your dryer, it may be time to replace your old dryer vent box with a newer model. But how can you tell whether or not that is the case? Look for the following signs:

  • You can see dents and other damage on the surface of the dryer box.
  • There is an increase in lint buildup even though you are doing the same amount of laundry.
  • It is taking longer than usual for clothes to dry or your clothes are not drying completely.
  • You see evidence of water damage like mold growth –  a malfunctioning dryer vent box may allow moisture to accumulate.

Trust Us To Install Your Dryer Vent Box

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