When you decide its time to sweep your chimney, consider the following factors

1. Insurance is not required to operate a business.

When I say insurance I am referring to General Liability Coverage. Why?
There a many reasons but the most common one is the owner/operator of the company thinks because they are very careful about their processes and never had a claim, they don’t need insurance.

2. Certification: Same attitude. We have 10 years experience so we know what to do.

3. Proper Equipment: A shop vac CANNOT filter out chimney dust. At .003 Microns, the filters are not suitable for this material. Only a HEPA vacuum made FOR sweeping chimneys can handle this job.

Finally, knowing what you’re looking at and understanding the consequences if your chimney sweep is wrong about there findings.

Old fireplaces are a hazard. We don’t know how well the builder constructed the chimney and where he might have taken short cuts.

This is why it IS SO IMPORTANT to hire a CSIA or F.I.R.E. Certified Sweep.

This is a long process of study involving the IRC or International Residential Building Codes. The NFPA 211 and other publications.
In conclusion: Sweeping your chimney is only the first step to preventing a house fire.

Spend the extra time and money and hire the right company to insure your families security this winter.

Thank You for reading.