When you want a job done right, you call in the professionals. You call a professional mechanic when your car breaks down. When you have a health problem, you go to a qualified doctor. Professional plumbers fix leaks and clogged pipes. But do you ever think about calling someone in to clean out your dryer vents? Lint screens are easily cleaned, but dryer vents must be cleaned by professionals to avoid drastic consequences.

Why It’s Important

Home dryers are a source of many home fires each year; in fact, around 2,900 home fires each year are caused by dryer vents that have not been properly cleaned. One way to keep ahead of this issue is to clean the lint trap after every dryer load or two. But that isn’t enough. When you wash your clothes, tiny particles of lint, cloth, thread, and even dead skin cells are released along with the dirt, and those particles stick to the wet fabric. When you throw the clothes in the dryer, the motion of the drum knocks those fibers off and the air pushes the fibers out through the lint screen, where they get caught and form a sheet of lint. It’s very important to clean that lint trap after every load or two. However, some lint still gets through and travels into the dryer vents, causing a buildup of extremely flammable lint along the sides of the vents. This is a fire hazard which can be avoided by having a qualified dryer vent technician in to clean your vents annually.

Don’t Do It Yourself

It appears you could easily do this job on your own, but don’t let this thought tempt you! It seems like a simple job of sticking something in the vents to loosen the vent, then blowing it clean. This could actually make the build-up stick more tightly to the sides. This will not work in a long, twisted vent system.

Hire A Professional

Professional dryer vent technicians are specially trained to ensure your dryer vents are clean and lint free. We use proper tools to remove flammable lint stuck to vents. You can keep your clothes clean and stay worry free when you use Black Velvet Chimney to clean out your dryer vents!