When spring comes, you often think about the big jobs that you’ve been putting off, like cleaning out the garage, clearing out the attic, or washing all the windows. Now that the weather is getting warmer and summer days are approaching, you know that there will be plenty of time to get out and play, doing all those activities that you can’t do during the winter. The appeal of getting those big jobs completed so that you can enjoy your summer without thinking of those jobs is almost undeniable. That’s why this is the perfect time to call Black Velvet Chimney and set up a time to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. Another benefit of doing this now is that an unclean chimney can really start to smell, especially in the summer, when the more humid air can mix with the creosote, which intensifies the smell that comes from this nasty substance.

How About Those Dryer Vents?clogged dryer vents with lint

Although it’s pretty common knowledge that having your chimney cleaned annually is an important part of your springtime routine, there’s another task that you might not think about having done, and that’s having your dryer vents cleaned. When you think about it, you’ll realize that your dryer gets used way more than your chimney does. You know that your clothes give off lint, but you also probably clean out the lint screen after every load or two. This is really important, but it isn’t enough.

When you wash your clothes, tiny particles from the fiber in the clothes get loosened. In the dryer, you throw your clothes in the drum, which spins. There are paddles in the drum that carry the wet clothes to the top, then they fall off and hit the bottom. Warm air is pushed through the drum, so when the clothes fall, the warm air dries them. During this process, those loosened fibers get blown through the lint screen, where they get caught and form a blanket of lint. This is what you clean out after every load or two. The problem is, not all of those particles get caught. Some sneak through and blow down the dryer vent tubing and gets caught there. This is a big problem for a couple of reasons. First, it can slow down the air flow that should be heading out of your home, and that means that, over time, your dryer gets much less efficient. If it gets clogged, it can make your dryer’s engine work harder, and that can cause it to break down. Worse, if a spark hits that built-up lint, it can cause a major home fire.

Call Black Velvet Chimney

Did you know that Black Velvet Chimney does more than just inspect and clean your chimney? We’re dryer vent specialists as well! You should have your dryer vents cleaned annually, so when you give us a call to set up your chimney inspection and cleaning, you can set up a dryer vent cleaning as well! What could be simpler than that?