When you are doing some home improvements, you have options of who to hire. However, it’s important to check out companies to make sure that they have the best credentials and reviews. With the team at Black Velvet Chimney, you’ll notice we have great certifications and credentials. The Chimney Safety Institute of America is the most highly regarded certification in the industry, and we only hire CSIA certified sweeps. We are members of the National Chimney Sweeps Guild, and we are certified through Fireplace Investigation Research and Education Service (F.I.R.E.) too.

Why Certification Matters

CSIA logoWe are also Certified Chimney Professionals and Certified Chimney Reliners. These certifications are important to us. They offer valuable education opportunities and the latest updates on chimney hardware, heating appliances, and tools. We want our customers to receive the best service out there, and we are dedicated to making sure we know every aspects about chimneys. We also carry the best insurance out there, so you don’t have to worry about anything not being covered.

All of this comes with a price, right? You know how expensive insurance is, and to stay certified is costly as well. However, not having insurance is even more expensive. If you hire a chimney company without insurance, in the long run, it’ll cost you a lot more.

Certifications Give Our Team Knowledge

All of our certifications are expensive, but we know it’s worth it because we want to provide the best service. Last year alone, our crew spent $10,000 on travel, hotels, and classes to keep up with our certifications. When we say we are certified sweeps, it means we took the time to make sure that we are educated in the latest codes and standards for chimneys. If you hire professionals who haven’t taken the time, effort, or money to get this education and training, it can cost you plenty in the long run.

Chimney service workers who complete a job without the proper training can put you in some dangerous situations such as a poisonous gas leaks. When it comes to prices, we often think that the best deal is the cheapest deal. However, when it comes to your chimney, you don’t want cut-rate service or someone who doesn’t know how to properly inspect your chimney. For more information on our chimney and fireplace inspection process, go to our website’s page on inspections.

Call Our Professionals

The point is, you get what you pay for. If you choose the $99 chimney company, you’re getting exactly that – a cheap fix that may or may not work the way it’s supposed to. Bargain companies mean bargain service, where corners are being cut to make up for the less expensive fix. However, if you want trusted professionals who knows exactly what to do, call the team at Black Velvet Chimney!