Your fireplace is a thing of beauty that adds ambiance to any room. Whether it’s rustic or sleek, the style fits and meets your basic needs. Nothing is as cozy as curling up in front of a crackling, popping fire, with your family gathered round it. Do you ever worry about the safety of your family when it comes to your fireplace?

When you hire the experts at Black Velvet Chimney, you will know that we take your safety seriously. Whether it’s creosote buildup or cracks in the chimney flue or other issues with your fireplace, Black Velvet Chimney has the knowledge to fix it. You can also trust our employees to offer informed advice, whether it’s about a new appliance you’re looking at or a new part for your existing fireplace.

Glass Doors

One thing that our staff gets asked is the benefit of installing glass doors. There are several benefits to this, and one of those benefits is that it adds an extra layer of protection, along with your dampers , to stop the warm air from the room from leaving through your chimney. This makes a huge difference in your utility bills. Who doesn’t want to save money?

Have you ever noticed a stale, smoky smell coming into the room when your fireplace is not in use? This is often a complaint of many homeowners. Not only can this be from the fire you recently burned, but the smell can also get stronger the more you use your fireplace – creosote buildup. Glass doors can keep this smoky smell of your firebox from entering your home.

Pet Safety

Another reason for installing glass doors is increased pet safety. You love your cat or dog, right? There’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep them safe. Imagine how painful it would be to get too close to the fireplace, when the fire has burned down but glowing coals remain. It’s easy for that to happen to your furry friend. If a spark or an ember flies out, it can easily catch in the coat of your pet to cause a serious burn. Installing glass doors will keep that from happening.

At Black Velvet Chimney, we sell and install Thermo-Rite glass doors. These sturdy doors come in all shapes and styles, ensuring your fireplace will look great. Our helpful staff can help you find just the right doors for you, give us a call today!