As a fireplace user, you know that there are things that should be done on an ‘every few usages’ basis. For example, having a thin layer of ashes in the firebox insulates coals but it should not get too full. Every so often you should use your fireplace cleaning kit and brush the soot off the interior of the chimney. Be sure to wait a few days after your last fire to clean to avoid hot coals. Keep your chimney doors clean. These are a few of the things you can do to keep your fireplace in good shape in between burns. Another thing that all fireplace owners need to take seriously is the need to have their fireplace inspected and swept on an annual basis. This will ensure that your family can enjoy the most effective and safest burning experience year round. But did you know that there are different levels of chimney inspections? When you call Black Velvet Chimney, we can recommend the level that is right for you.

Level One3 Levels of Chimney Inspections

If you keep your fireplace in good condition throughout the year, keep an eye out for minor repairs and fix them as they pop up, and have your fireplace inspected annually, you’ll be fine with a Level One chimney inspection. At this level, we will inspect everything that is readily accessible, both inside and out. We’ll clear your chimney of any possible obstructions and clear out creosote.

Level Two

If you are selling your home, if there’s been any type of natural disaster or weather damage, if you’ve experienced a chimney fire, or if you’ve made any changes to your heating system, we’ll recommend that you have a Level Two inspection. During a Level Two inspection, we will do a more invasive inspection using special video equipment. We will thoroughly examine both the exterior and the interior of your chimney to make sure that no damage has taken place. If there is damage or creosote we will recommend certain repairs or a chimney sweeping.

Level Three

If we note that your chimney has had significant damage from weather, natural disaster, or a chimney fire, we’ll recommend a Level Three inspection. This may require removal of parts of your chimney to access the areas that have considerable damage that need major repairs or rebuilds.

Call Black Velvet Chimney

No matter what level of chimney inspection you need, there’s no question as to what chimney sweep company to call. At Black Velvet Chimney, we have the proper tools and experience to give your chimney and fireplace system the inspections and sweepings needed. Call us to set up an appointment for a chimney inspection cleaning soon.