A traditional chimney is made of brick and mortar or stone and mortar. It is a sturdy structure, one that can withstand the elements for many years. Sometimes, however, you may not have the funds or your home may not have the support for a traditional chimney. In this case, you may choose to install a prefabricated chimney in your home instead.

This option gives you a chimney that is made in the factory out of metal. The life expectancy of this chimney isn’t as long, but it does install easily and is less expensive than a traditional fireplace. Both of these options offer safe, reliable ways to rid your home of the smoke your fire produces.

Wooden Chimneys

white wooden chimney - Arlington TX Dallas TX - Black Velvet ChimneyIf you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you may have seen some wooden chimneys. You probably have also realized that these wood structures aren’t as sturdy as masonry chimneys. Wood chimneys are obviously going to be more susceptible to damage from the rain and weather, and that’s why these chimneys sometimes need repairs.

If you’re looking to have your wooden fireplace repaired, then give Black Velvet Chimney a call. We have been doing this type of repair work for over thirty years. There are other things that can damage your chimney as well. Insects can cause damage to your wood chimney by boring holes into the structure, causing it to weaken. Precipitation can not only weaken the wood but also cause mold or rot to occur.

Let Us Help You With Repair Work

When you call us in to repair your chimney, we’ll do a careful inspection to determine the cause of damage. After this, we can help you make decisions on what type of repair would best suit your chimney. It could also be that your chimney is old and needs to be rebuilt, and our team of experts is also well equipped to help with this too. You need not worry about your family’s safety or home’s integrity, because our crew also knows how to do these repairs using equipment to keep your home safe and our workers safe.

Keeping Your Chimney Safe

Not only can we do repairs and rebuilds for your wood chimney, but we also make recommendations to keep them looking good and staying strong for years to come. We know how to repair and how to keep your chimney in tip-top shape, and we love making sure that the people of Dallas-Fort Worth are safe in their homes by offering the best service. Give us a call soon and let us take care of your wood chimney repairs!