Many businesses offer proof of their training and proficiency by the certifications they hold. Certifications show that the professionals working there have undergone training and education to achieve their expertise. Whether you’re a mechanic or a doctor, it’s important to show your customers your willingness to continue to learn and master your trade. The better the training facility, the better the training you will receive. This is why it is so important to know what the different certifications mean and which the business you are dealing with holds. This is especially important when you are discussing chimney repairs, inspection, and cleaning. Chimney fire cause tons of damage, so hire a chimney sweep with the training to keep your home safe.

What Certifications are Important?Fire certification

There are several different certifications that are available to chimney sweep companies. It’s important to understand what the specialty of each is to ensure a high-quality sweep. Probably the most well-known certification is CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certification. This is nationally recognized as a rigorous, high-level training for any chimney professional, a high standard for any chimney sweep company to hold. There are, however, other certifications that are proof of quality training, and Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service (F.I.R.E) certification is one of these.

The F.I.R.E certification program is a program that was developed over ten years ago, and it has quickly become recognized as a high quality, detailed course of study for all chimney specialists. The program covers building codes, regulations, manufacturer’s specifications, inspection procedures, and all other aspects of chimney inspection and investigation. A big part of this training includes hands-on training, so you can be sure that professionals that have undergone this certification process know what it takes to do the job right so that your family and home is as safe as possible from threats of fire hazard in the chimney and fireplace system.

Protect Your Home From Chimney Fires

When it comes to your chimney system, the danger of an uncontrolled chimney fire is one of the biggest worries. This is as it should be; a chimney fire can be a devastating event, causing destruction to your home. But some chimney fires aren’t as devastating; in fact, some chimney fires occur without the homeowner even being aware of it []. This can be worse than a noticeable fire, however, because you will just keep using your fireplace when it may have been damaged. This is why it’s so important to hire a chimney sweep company that holds top-notch certifications. At Black Velvet Chimney, we understand the importance of rigorous, up-to-date training, and that’s why we hold both CSIA and F.I.R.E. certification. When you hire Black Velvet Chimney, you are getting the best in service, knowledge, and expertise. Give us a call today to set up your next chimney inspection!