A crown is a covering. For example, royalty wear crowns on their heads and you put a crown on a tooth to protect it from further damage. Crown molding, according to Merriam-Webster, is “molding that crowns a surface or structure; especially molding that runs between the top of an internal wall and a ceiling.” Your chimney crown is the piece that rests on top of your chimney. However, you may be wondering exactly what the purpose of that chimney crown is.

What the Chimney Crown Does

Your chimney crown is the first line of defense against damage from precipitation. The purpose is to protect your chimney from rain damage from the chimney’s edge to the flue liner. It is generally made of mortar or cement and should hang off the edge due to its sloped design. This directs water away from the chimney and the joint where the chimney meets the roof. This will prevent precipitation from getting in the flue and down into your chimney.

Many people often use the words chimney crown and chimney cap interchangeably, but this really isn’t correct. A chimney cap sits on top of a chimney crown, and is often made of stainless steel mesh. A chimney cap also helps keep precipitation out. In addition, it prevents animals and debris from entering your chimney.

Why is Leakage a Problem?

Water can be a destructive force against your chimney. It permeates the pores of the mortar and bricks of your chimney, and when it does, it can wear down the structure and cause major damage. It can also cause interior damage to walls, ceilings, and woodwork. Rusting of the damper assembly and metal pieces on the interior of your chimney can also occur.

Both a chimney cap and a chimney crown help to keep moisture out of your chimney, so it’s important that both are crack-free and in good repair. Professionals should check the condition of your crown and cap because of their treacherous location. Call us at 817-473-4466 and we’ll give your chimney crown a thorough going over to make sure it’s free from cracks and pitting. The chimney crown takes the most abuse from rain, sleet or high winds because of its location. We’ll make sure that your chimney crown is constructed properly and of the proper material to hold up to the weathering elements.

Black Velvet Chimney

When it comes to chimney inspection and repair, Black Velvet Chimney is the place to call. We’ve got the tools, the experience, and the expertise to do the job right. If you’re worried about the state of your chimney crown, give us a call to check it out and worry no more!