If you are a chimney owner, then it’s very important to understand draft. You know it has to do with the efficiency of your fire, but do you understand how it works? Did you know that there are products you can install to help with proper draft? When you understand draft, then you will enjoy a more productive fire with less worries about heat loss or smoke-filled rooms.

What Is A Draft?

Why We Recommend Draft Fans - Arlington TX - Black Velvet ChimneyYour chimney works on the principle that hot air is lighter than cold air. When you burn a fire, the lighter hot air rise up the chimney while the more dense air get pushed down. This is to aid with combustion. This change in air pressure between the hot and cold is called draft. You want a proper amount of draft so your fire burns well. When your fire isn’t burning as hot or as steady, this causes creosote buildup, which is a fire hazard.

When too much air is drawn down your chimney and too little air is supplied to the fire in your fireplace, this is called negative pressure or a negative draft. This cause your fire to burn less efficiently, and it also causes smoke to get drawn into the room.

Factors Affecting Drafts

The two factors that affect draft are the heat from your fire and the height of your chimney. One way to burn a hotter fire is to change the type of firewood you use and make sure it has been properly cured. Controlling the height of your chimney is not a easy problem to tackle, although a proper chimney liner helps with the problem. There is also another highly effective and cost efficient way to help with draft problems, and it is to invest in a draft fan.

Draft Fans

A draft fan is installed at the top of your chimney, and it helps to eliminate draft issues. A draft fan pulls air up from your home through your chimney. This give your fire air aid in combustion while preventing downdrafts.

When you call Black Velvet Chimney to install a draft fan, we will install the ENERVEX draft fan. This quality fan helps you burn a more efficient fire without worrying about loss of ambiance. Nothing makes us happier than to give our customers the best fire burning experience, call us at 817-473-4466 right now to learn about our draft fan!