A fireplace is for the most part fairly low maintenance. If it’s a wood burning appliance, you will have to either cut wood or buy it, and you will also need to clean out the firebox between every couple of burns. Most importantly, you need to schedule your chimney and fireplace to be inspected and cleaned every year in order to cut down on creosote build up and make sure there are no blockages. Another reason it is important to get these inspections is because at times there can have problems that won’t be visible to the untrained eye. One major issue could be chimney leakage. At Black Velvet Chimney, we’ll find the cause of your leak and fix it.

Uncapped Chimney

A common problem that can cause leaks is precipitation coming down the chimney. Although it is a very common problem; it has an easy fix. A simple solution is to install a chimney cap. If you give us a call, we can suggest the proper size for your specific chimney, and we will even be sure to install it for you. Not only will this keep moisture out of your fireplace, but it will also keep other unwanted creatures, such as birds or squirrels out as well, along with other types of debris that can cause blockages.

Unsealed Chimney

Although brick and mortar chimneys are very sturdy, water can permeate these surfaces and cause leaks. As these leaks continue, more structural damage can occur. This is a sole reason to have your chimney sealed. However, there are several different sealers on the market, but not all of them will be able to seal it completely. The sealer needs to keep the precipitation out of the bricks and mortar while allowing the moisture that are in the bricks and mortar to escape. We use ChimneySaver water repellent, which will work to protect your chimney from the damage that the freeze/thaw cycle can cause. It also carries a 10 year warranty, so you will be protected even if your chimney does develop a leak later on.

Chimney Flashing

Another area that your chimney might be leaking is around the chimney flashing. The chimney flashing is the metal strips that are placed at the joint area where the chimney meets the roof. This joint is a very hard place to seal, and the flashing will keep precipitation from getting into those cracks and sliding down your chimney and into your home. Over time, this flashing can wear out or become torn or cracked. When the experts from Black Velvet Chimney do your chimney inspection, we’ll make sure to check out your chimney flashing to ensure no leaks, and we will repair or replace any leaking flashing.

Chimney Repair

If you are concerned that your chimney might be leaking, give us a call at Black Velvet Chimney. We’ll make certain that all of your chimney leaks are properly repaired so that you won’t have a single worry!