FireGuard, An Affordable & Effective Chimney Liner Restoration System

Is your clay tile chimney liner cracked, deteriorating, and in need of repair? You may not need to completely reline, thanks to FireGuard. FireGuard is a ceramic mortar joint repair and resurfacing system that has been U.L. tested to restore damaged clay tile liners. Whether you have open mortar joints, fractures, or misalignment issues, FireGuard can help. How does it work?

FireGuard’s ceramic repair product is applied to the damaged area (or the entire flue, if needed). The FireGuard system relies on pinpoint vibration to ensure that the ceramic resurfacing product penetrates deep into every opening or crack. The result: a smooth, consistent flue that’s resistant to heat, acid, and water and prevents heat transfer and gas transfer.

What Makes FireGuard So Great?

  • Unlike other relining options, FireGuard won’t decrease the size of the flue or change its shape, which means you won’t have to worry about a reduction in draw or performance.
  • It can take temperatures as high as 3,205 degrees F, which is the highest temperature rating of any chimney resurfacing system.
  • FireGuard restoration is typically less costly than a new liner.
  • FireGuard can restore your liner in less than 24 hours and won’t involve messy demo work.
  • This system strengthens the flue and protects against thermal shock and breaks.
  • The mortar joint system carries a limited, lifetime factory guarantee against material failure, while the resurfacing system carries a limited 25-year factory guarantee against material failure.

So what are you waiting for? Call Black Velvet Chimney and find out if FireGuard can be used to restore your chimney liner. Our highly experienced and educated chimney professionals are certified by FireGuard and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). They know their stuff. Don’t wait — call 817-473-4466 or click today to request an appointment to have your flue inspected and find out whether or not FireGuard is right for your chimney.

Another option for long-lasting liner repair is stainless steel chimney liners. We would love to tell you all about it and our other chimney repair services when you give us a call.