Get A Lifetime Of Chimney Flue Protection With Stainless Steel

There are many different metals out there, some stronger than others, but we believe that, when it comes to keeping high heat, smoke, and corrosive byproducts contained, you don’t really want to chance it with a weak, low-quality material. That’s why we reline with stainless steel, not aluminum or other weaker metals. Stainless steel is incredibly strong, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and capable of taking the heat, fire after fire — and the stainless steel liners we install here at Black Velvet Chimney carry a lifetime warranty. What does that mean for you? You won’t have to even think about another liner — as long as you have your stainless steel liner professionally installed and you maintain it with cleanings as needed, your stainless steel liner will last you a lifetime.

In addition to its durability, longevity, strength, and effectiveness, homeowners love stainless steel because installation doesn’t require demo work, hours of labor, or the mess and expense of replacing a clay tile liner with a new clay tile liner.

Is Stainless Steel Right for You?

So when can stainless steel liners “save the day”?

  • When you’re swapping fuel types and your old liner isn’t approved for venting your new fuel choice.
  • When you’re changing appliances and your new appliance requires a flue liner of a different size than the one you currently have.
  • When holes, cracks, and other damage in your flue liner have made your chimney system unsafe for use.

Stainless steel liners are available in a variety of sizes as both rigid and flexible types, so regardless of the shape and size of your chimney flue, we’re confident we can find the perfect stainless steel liner option for you.

Questions? Please Reach Out

If you have any questions about stainless steel liners or you’d like to receive information about having one of our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps inspect your flue, give Black Velvet Chimney a call at 817-473-4466.

Our team is experienced, fair, honest, timely, knowledgeable, and caring, and we’re committed to keeping the chimneys of DFW in tip-top shape. Call or request more information online today!


HeatShield® provides a chimney relining method that can be applied without tearing out your existing clay tile liners. Could this be the best answer for your situation?