Arlington TX Leaky Chimney Repairs Are Fast & Effective With Black Velvet Chimney

With the heavy rains we get here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, chimney leaks can quickly do serious damage — that’s why quick action and effective repairs are so vital. Is a chimney leak causing damage to your home? Don’t wait — call on Black Velvet Chimney.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing fast leak resolution to those in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the neighboring areas. Our knowledgeable and caring staff is expertly trained and knows where to look and what to do so that leaks are quickly stopped in their tracks. Whether you’ve just noticed a leak or you want to prevent leaks and make sure you’re protected by having your chimney inspected for weak areas, we can help. We’ll check the following common leak culprits and make any needed repairs to restore your chimney system and keep water out.

Multi-colored brick chimney with chimney cap on roof-leaky chimney repair

Our expertise includes these:

  • Crown Repair — The crown is the horizontal cement slab that protects your chimney opening. When cracked or poorly built, the crown provides easy access for moisture.
  • ChimneySaver Masonry Water Repellent — The masonry of the chimney is another area that can easily allow water in. When cracks are created, brick falls apart, or holes appear, moisture can easily enter and work its way into the home.

Have you noticed dripping water in your fireplace? Are the walls and ceiling near your chimney discolored and water-damaged? Is your masonry cracked, crumbling, or discolored? Don’t let your leaky chimney go unaddressed — call on Black Velvet Chimney today! Our team has decades of industry experience and can quickly resolve your chimney leaks and help you keep future leaks from springing up. Call 817-473-4466 or request more information online today and we’ll help you stay water-free!


Do you know if your chimney needs relining? Our chimney repair experts can give you the guidance and service you need to be sure everything is in great shape.