Arlington TX Chimney Crown Repairs – Black Velvet Chimney Can Help!

Have you ever really taken a look at the horizontal concrete covering at the top of your masonry chimney? This important component – known as the chimney crown – is one of the key players in preventing chimney leaks.

Storm after storm, the crown takes a beating so your chimney doesn’t have to. But the driving rain and severe weather common here in DFW can cause damage to even the strongest, most reliable crown. Cracks may start out small and crown deterioration may start out minor, but once water makes its way in, cracks will grow and the crown will rapidly deteriorate further – but we’re here to intervene!

If your crown is compromised, book your appointment online now to protect your chimney from water damage.

Rusted chimney cap and cracked crown with greenery in the background
Beautiful repaired chimney crown and cap sealed with Crown Coat

How Do I Know if My Chimney Crown Is Damaged?

Cracks are typically the first indication of crown damage, but it’s easy to miss them – particularly if the cracks are small – since the majority of homeowners don’t spend a lot of time on their roofs. There are other signs of issues that you can be on the lookout for:

  • There are signs of a chimney leak. The crown is pivotal in keeping your chimney safe from water intrusion. When it fails, water can get into the system and cause damage. A leak may be subtle at first but as time goes on, you may start to see evidence such as water in the firebox, mold or mildew growth, and rusting metal components.
  • The brick and mortar is falling apart. Deteriorating brick and mortar are signs of long-term water damage. Look for gaps in the mortar and spalling or chipping brick. Damaged brick and mortar is even more vulnerable to water and it can make your chimney issues much worse.
  • Vegetation is growing on your chimney. The growth of moss, algae, or other vegetation on the exterior of the chimney is a telltale sign that the chimney crown isn’t working as well as it should.
  • The chimney is changing colors. Is your chimney suddenly turning white? This could be due to a white powdery substance known as efflorescence. This occurs when water is absorbed by the brick and pushes minerals to the surface of the chimney. Efflorescence itself isn’t harmful, but it is a symptom of a bigger problem.

Effective & Long-Lasting Crown Repair & Leak Protection

Our knowledgeable chimney sweeps have decades of experience repairing chimney crowns and resolving chimney leaks. When repairing crowns, we use proven repair techniques and quality products like CrownCoat. You can expect long-lasting protection when you trust your crown repairs to Black Velvet Chimney.

First, we’ll fill cracks and holes (even large ones) with a quality cement. Once repairs are made, we’ll apply CrownCoat, which is a product that can be brushed onto the crown to provide a flexible, durable waterproof barrier. Because of its flexible nature, CrownCoat stretches and expands with the crown, which helps prevent future cracks and leaks so you can enjoy years of water protection.

How Can I Prevent Chimney Crown Damage?

Taking proactive steps with chimney care will extend the life of your chimney crown and save you money on repairs in the long run. We have some helpful tips for proper chimney maintenance:

  • Schedule an annual inspection. A yearly chimney checkup is important for monitoring changes in your chimney over time. It’s the best way to find issues in their earlier stages when they’re easier and cheaper to fix.
  • Install or upgrade your chimney cap. A chimney cap is a metal cover installed on top of a chimney flue. It acts like a shield that prevents animals, water, leaves, and twigs from getting into the chimney. A properly fitted chimney cap deflects rain and debris away from the crown.
  • Waterproof your chimney. Water is the biggest threat to the longevity of your chimney. We use CrownCoat specifically for crowns, but we also use ChimneySaver Water Repellent to treat the entire chimney.
  • Don’t wait to address minor repairs. A few small cracks may not seem like a big deal, but small cracks can easily expand and become a major issue. If your annual chimney inspection uncovers damage to the crown, quickly schedule a follow-up appointment for repairs.

Have Your Crown Inspected & Repaired Today

Is your crown allowing water into your chimney and home? Black Velvet Chimney can help. Schedule an inspection with one of our CSIA-certified sweeps today – we’ll inspect your crown and the rest of your chimney, checking for leaks and vulnerable areas. If repairs are needed, you can count on us to provide fast, effective, and long-lasting repairs that work to keep moisture out of your chimney for good.

You can request additional information or schedule an appointment online today!

Missing chimney crown and cap on chimney that needs repair
Chimney crown being installed-mold set up read to pour
Completed installed chimney crown and cap with trees in the background

We can also completely rebuild your crown if it’s severely damaged or improperly built – give us a call to learn more!


For long-lasting protection against water leaks in your chimney, consider having us apply a masonry water repellent. Ask us for more information.