The flue liner is a vitally important part of your chimney system. Do you know what a flue liner is, or even where it is? Knowing how your chimney is made and how it should work will help you understand more about it. This seems like pretty basic information. Your chimney is made of brick and mortar which is connected to the indoor fireplace. You build a fire in your firebox and the smoke is directed up and out of your home so you don’t have smoke filling your home.

That is pretty basic, but there’s actually more to it than just a brick and mortar structure. There are dampers to open and close depending on whether you’re using the fireplace or not. There’s a chimney crown to keep rain from getting into the joint where your roof meets the chimney and flashing to cover that spot in case some rain still tries to trickle in and cause leaks in and around your fireplace. There’s a chimney cap to keep rain, debris and critters from getting into your chimney. And there’s a flue liner, which protects your chimney from the smoke’s chemicals and precipitation from the wood or a with two chimney flues

Flue Liner

Smoke contains chemicals, and these chemicals can have a corrosive effect on the mortar that holds your chimney together. This is why a flue liner is such an important part of your chimney’s anatomy.

The liner protects your home in three ways:

  1. making your fire burning more efficient
  2. protecting the interior of your home from the heat of the fire (which could cause combustibles to catch on fire)
  3. protecting the chimney itself from the corrosive effects of the smoke from the fire

The problem is that your flue liner can crack or wear out. When you call in Black Velvet Chimney to do an inspection we will check your flue liner for damage and suggest repairs. We are now a certified FireGuard installer. FireGuard is a flue liner repair and resurfacing system designed to fill cracks and gaps with a pinpoint vibration system. It can withstand high temperatures and guard against any type of heat transfer.

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Whether you are looking to have your flue liner repaired or resurfaced or you have other chimney repair needs, Black Velvet Chimney is the company to call. We take pride in staying on top of the newest products and latest technology to take care of all your chimney repair needs. Give us a call soon to check out your flue liner and all the other components of your chimney.