Where in your house do you put your washer and dryer? Is it in the bathroom or the basement? Some people even have a separate laundry room, with space for the dirty laundry and a spot to fold clean laundry. Whatever your laundry space looks like, one thing is certain – your dryer takes up a lot of space. Because your dryer has vent tubing that directs the air out of your home, which is necessary to keep it running properly. Did you ever wish that you could push the dryer back flush with the wall? If so, you’re in luck! At Black Velvet Chimney, we can come and install a dryer box for you.

What’s a Dryer Box?

man pulling laundry outA dryer box is a great way to hide that dryer vent tubing! It’s a recessed box that fits right into the wall. This box is big enough that the tubing can fit in it without restricting them. This is important so the air can still easily move through the vent to the outside. This allows your dryer to fit its back against your room, and that means that there’s more room for you to move around and take care of laundry.

It’s a good idea to hire professionals for the installation of your dryer box, even though you may be tempted to do it yourself. The professionals at Black Velvet Chimney know how to make sure that your vents will fit properly, without restricting airflow in the vents.

Dryer Vents Cleaned

While you’re at it, why not have our workers check out the condition of your dryer vents, too? Everybody knows how important it is to clean out the lint tray after every load of laundry. However, did you know that over time, some of those tiny lint particles can get through the screen? That’s what the dryer tubing is for, to vent the air and particles out into the great outdoors. Because the air is moist in the vents, those particles can easily start to stick to the sides of the tubing and build up over time.

It’s important to have someone come in and clean out those dryer vents at least once a year, as lint is highly flammable and could easily catch a spark to start a house fire. Our employees are experienced at cleaning dryer vents, and it’s so important to hire qualified professionals to do the job to keep your family and home safe.

Give Us A Call Soon

Springtime is a great time to take care of those annual maintenances around the home like your dryer vents cleaning, chimney inspections and sweepings. Give Black Velvet Chimney a call today to schedule your appointment!